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REAL-TITE® plugs are 100% self-contained and feature once-piece construction. They're designed with a stop on the bolt, which prevents the lower wedge from becoming dis-assembled from the unit and dropping down into the line.

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The Reusable, Code-Approved Expansion Plug That Solves ALL Your Problems

REAL-TITE® plugs are, quite simply, the best plug money can buy. In fact, the've been referred to as "the Cadillacs of expansion plugs." Their unique, self-contained design and durable construction translates to unmatched ease of use, realiability and performance.

They're dependable. Our plugs have been in the field since 1981, and a plug has never been returned because of material failure. Their flexibility allows them to be used as either a temporary or permanent solution. And, because all REAL-TITE® plugs comply with the National Standard Plumbing Code and meet or exceed ASTM Standards for permanent plug usage, you know you're working with a product you and your customers can trust.

The REAL-TITE® product line offers a variety of sizes (1.5" to 4" diameters), styles (counter sunk, thumb bolt or hex head) and finishes (stainless steel topped or with stainless finishing plate covers). See our complete Product Line for an expansion plug to fit your needs.


A Unique Design

REAL-TITE®'s unique design prevents moisture from being revealed to the nut or stainless steel bolt. This allows for removal of a plug in seconds, even after long periods of time in service. The plugs are also designed with a stop, so you have confidence that no part will fall into the opening during installation or removal.

Seals 3 Ways

• 3 embedded o-rings

• 2 sealing ridges

• 3/16" neoprene gasket pressure expanded to create a permanent seal

A Tight, Dependable Seal for Virtually Any Opening

The compression action of the REAL-TITE® plug wedges the gasket into the pipe opening. This means you can seal any opening permanently, regardless of the condition or threads.


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