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A Variety of Uses

REAL-TITE® plugs are designed for several applications in the plumbing industry. Some of the most common include:

Installing a clean out for new construction or remodeling.

When a pipe is brought up to the surface for a clean out, there is no need to install a clean out threaded adapter. The contractor can bring the pipe to the surface and cap the pipe with a REAL-TITE® plug. By using this method the contractor will save time, eliminate a fitting and have a neat and easy installation.

  • REAL-TITE® plugs are ideal for sealing damaged openings or openings with deteriorated threads. Quick and easy.
  • REAL-TITE® plugs are commonly used to seal a toilet leg until further installation of the fixtures.
  • REAL-TITE® steel top plugs are great for warehouses, driveways, lawns and any high or heavy traffic areas.

• New construction

• Existing construction

• Remodeling

• Damaged openings

• Openings with deteriorated threads

• High or heavy traffic areas

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