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• Seal New and Damaged Openings The Competition Can’t!

• Trusted In The Field Since 1981

• We Solve Problems

Quality Materials

REAL-TITE® PLUGS are constructed with National Standard Plumbing Code approved materials: ABS for the hard plastic components and ASTM SC-715 neoprene for the gasket material. Neoprene was selected for REAL-TITE® gaskets because of its unique quality of retaining its original flexibility. This enables the user to use the plug time after time.

Tough. Durable. Meant to Last.

The unique design of our expansion plugs prevents moisture from being revealed to the nut or the stainless steel bolt, allowing for removal in seconds — even after long periods of time in service.

Our steel top plugs are made with 12-gauge stainless steel.

Welcome to REAL-TITE® PLUGS, Inc.

Home of the original expandable plumbing plug that solves all your sealing problems. Trusted in the field since 1981, REAL-TITE® PLUGS provide the perfect seal for virtually any opening.

All components of the REAL-TITE® PLUGS comply with the National Standard Plumbing Code and meet or exceed ASTM Standards for permanent plug use.

Private Label Program: Have your logo and contact information custom printed on your plugs!

100% Made in the USA

Do your job faster and easier

Safe for the environment

Customizable: Have your logo and contact information custom printed on your Real-Tite plugs with our Private Label Program. Advertise your business with every plug you use.


“I’ve been using REAL-TITE® PLUGS for my 9 truck crew for 17 years and I won’t leave the shop without them. When our records show a REAL-TITE® PLUG at the location, I know I can get into the line in seconds, clean it out and get my guy on to the next job within the hour. They make me money!”

John Tholen

Root-O-Matic, Inc.

“REAL-TITE® PLUGS are amazing. Our company installs and repairs septic systems and does city lateral work. We install 2 way clean outs on our jobs, REAL-TITE® PLUGS makes it easy to complete the clean out without any extra caps or fittings. We ordered our plugs with our logo and phone number, they turned out great!

Ryan Carey

Owner, Carey-Sodergren Inc./Sodergren Septic Services

“I am inspector for a local community in here in Southeastern Michigan Water and Sewer Department. Since you gave me a set of plugs to demo I’ve had nothing but success with them. Let me explain what happened recently at Thanksgiving. My niece called and said she was experiencing sewer smells when they would flush a toilet and frequent flooding in her basement when it would rain. The original cap installed on their clean-out was an old broken steel cap rotted through. To solve the water and smell problem I installed a new 4 inch REAL-TITE® Counter Sunk Plug and had her flush a toilet. The result was no leaking water or backup and no sewer odor was coming from the basement clean-out. She called me later that night to report there still was no water in the basement, it was as dry as a bone and she was ecstatic. We use your plugs for air testing sanitary lines and it performs great. REAL-TITE® PLUGS make an excellent product that I use on a regular basis.”

Tony B

“GREAT PRODUCT! Seals tight, no leaks, easy to install, use 5/32 hex key. Customer service is EXCELLENT”

Eddie Gillis

Johns Drains

“REAL-TITE® PLUGS are the easiest to install and remove we have used. They provide a leak proof seal we can count on and our customers like the flush finish. No more knobs sticking out of the top of the plug. They are our go to plug.”

Ben Smith

Owner, Marvel Sewer and Drain

“The Real-Tite Security Plugs we obtained with the hooks, was the right answer to a developing problem at the right time for our local County Jail. They have saved us many hours from potential disaster. The plugs are well made, economical, simple to install and easy to maintain. Very happy with the positive results.”

Gary Faught

Facility Manager, Burnett County Government Center, Siren, WI

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