Real-Tite® Plug – Hex Tool Operation with Custom Printing

Expansion Plug for FIP Cleanout Openings. Price reflects per-case price.


Custom Printing Service Size Pairings

The same custom printed artwork and text can be used for multiple plug sizes, helping to reduce costs and set-up fees. You can use the same custom artwork and text for the following paired sizes:

  • 1.5/2.0 inch plugs
  • 2.5/3.0 inch plugs
  • 3.5/4.0 inch plugs

You will be asked to upload your logo and provide your printed text at checkout.

Choose “No Set-Up Fee” if you have ordered custom printing for a plug with this size pairing in the past, and your artwork is already on file. Choose “Set-Up Fee” if this is your first time ordering custom printing, or if you are ordering custom printing for a plug with a different size pairing than previous orders.