REAL-TITE® Countersunk Security Hooked Plugs





Top view of a Countersunk Security Hooked Plug with hook attached

Video produced by Best Plumbing Specialties Inc.

The plugs prevent large objects from passing through vertical waste piping; preventing mainline stoppages.


Size Relaxed seals up to Fully expanded seals up to Spec Sheet
2.5″ 4.72” (69mm) 3.19” (81mm) View PDF
3″ 3.04” (77mm) 3.48” (88mm) View PDF
3.5″ 3.82” (97mm) 4.15” (105mm) View PDF
4″ 4.20” (107mm) 4.61” (117mm) View PDF


REAL-TITE® PLUGS are designed with a stop on the bolt, to prevent the lower wedge from becoming dis-assembled from the unit and dropped down the line.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS have an extremely large gasket that seals behind, over and at the tip of the pipe or opening.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS help identify the source of the obstruction.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS can be installed over fouled threads or used in iron or plastic pipe.

REAL-TITE® Security Hooked Expansion Plugs are installed in vertical pipe to prevent foreign items (jump suits, sheets, towels etc.) from entering the main sewer pipe.

Your Problem:

A state correctional facility was experiencing problems with inmates flushing large items down the toilet causing disruption and plugging up the main sewer line.

Our Solution:

REAL-TITE® Hooked Security Plugs were installed to the vertical cleanouts to catch the items before they entered the main sewer line.