REAL-TITE® Countersunk Expansion Plugs—Standard

Top and sideview of a Countersunk Expansion Plugs
REAL-TITE® PLUGS are constructed of hard ABS Plastic for the components, ASTM SC-715 Neoprene for the gasket and a Stainless Steel ¼ -20 x 1 3/4” fully threaded counter sunk stop bolt and square nut.


Size Relaxed seals up to Fully expanded seals up to Spec Sheet
1.5″ 1.64” (42mm) 1.95” (49mm) View PDF
2″ 2.09” (52mm) 2.33” (55mm) View PDF
2.5 2.72” (69mm) 3.19” (81mm) View PDF
3″ 3.04” (77mm) 3.48” (88mm) View PDF
3.5″ 3.82” (97mm) 4.15” (105mm) View PDF
4″ 4.20” (107mm) 4.61” (117mm) View PDF


REAL-TITE® PLUGS are designed with a stop on the bolt, to prevent the lower wedge from becoming dis-assembled from the unit and dropped down the line.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS have an extremely large gasket that seals behind, over and at the tip of the pipe or opening.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS are easy to remove and can be reused saving time and money.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS have a variety of uses including clean outs, test plugs, sealing iron or plastic damaged pipe with threaded or smooth openings.

Your Problem:

Stripped threads or chipped lip of opening prevents reinstalling old brass cleanout.

Our Solution:

Install a REAL-TITE® Expansion Plug directly into the damaged opening. REAL-TITE® Expansion Plugs seal three ways. Behind the threads, over the damaged threads and has a lip seal at the opening for triple protection against leaks.