REAL-TITE® Expansion Sleeves

Example of how an expansion sleeve would fit into a pipe with one of our other plugs

Expansion Sleeves are constructed of ASTM SC-715 Neoprene.


Size Base Diameter Top Diameter Spec Sheet
3.5″ 3.70” (94mm) 4.78” (121mm) View PDF
4″ 4.0” (102mm) 5.375” (136mm) View PDF
When a 3.0” REAL-TITE® Plug is too small to seal an opening and a 3.5” REAL-TITE® Plug is too large for the same opening a 3.5” REAL-TITE® Expansion Sleeve can be fitted over the 3.0” REAL-TITE® Plug to achieve a leak proof seal.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS have an extremely large gasket that seals behind, over and at the tip of the pipe or opening.

REAL-TITE® PLUGS are easy to remove and can be reused saving time and money.

REAL-TITE® Expansion Sleeves are use to seal odd sized openings that fall between the normal operating range of use of REAL-TITE® PLUGS.

Your Problem:

The inside diameter of an iron pipe has increased due to corrosion and rust that has accumulated over time. After cleaning the opening the original 3 inch plug is too small and leaks and a 3 ½ inch plug is too large for the opening.

Our Solution:

Install a 3 ½ inch Expansion Sleeve over a 3 inch plug. The result is a leak proof seal that accommodates the augmented opening.